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My goal is to work for a tech startup for a few decades, retire and create my own philanthropic foundation.

2020 cs graduate -- passion for creative digital marketing with technical analysis. I have been involved in the startup space since 2015, contracting work for startups, interning at accelerator incubators by entrepreneurs, and winning startup competitions. 

I am passionate about neuromarketing, understanding the psychology of customers, to communicate with them. My tech background simplifies the understanding of new technologies, crm platforms, and complex whitepapers.

Personal Values

Integrity. First Class Service + 100% effort, no matter how "small" the request is. Take full responsibility for my actions. 

Challenge. Push and consistently reach new heights, never plateau. Embrace adversity. This website was curated within 24 hours :)

Collaborate. Love working with others for a common goal and appreciate time spent

Learn. Consistently learn new programs, read books/articles, research techniques, and the latest trends. 

Perspective. Transparently understand my flaws or weaknesses, accept and work hard to cover them. 

Quality + Quantity Output work at a respectable rate while consistently produce quality. 


Web Design

Experience with website crafting with HTML and working knowledge of all website building platforms. 


Comfortable creating all image forms with or without references.

Full access to resources to complete any type of project. 

Print Design

I have created hundreds of designs with Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, and Figma as a designer for startups, my designer brand, and projects. 

Product Design

My understanding of the entire life-cycle process of addressing a problem, creating MVPs, and eventually launching small business projects is what makes me an ideal candidate with practical experience.


Solid understanding of aesthetic intelligence, use of certain fonts, palettes to portray moods, audiences or industries.

Creating designs since 13 years old and being involved in branding communities for fashion brands. 


Manipulate font styles to portray branding image and approach. 

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