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Twitter Content (Daily)

Company Background: Bitski is a commerce platform, wallet and marketplace that democratizes access to web3 with secure and seamless architecture. Blockchain is made accessible with digital assets without the barrier to entry of infrastructure and knowledge. 

Project: Bitski. Prepare a series of tweets (3-4 tweets) of relevant content, with visual elements to increase the audience engagement and build a foundation for followers to share their own insights/takeaways from everyday interactions.

Bitski can be advertised as b2b and b2c.

Target Audience: Brand Owners, Artists, Creatives, 

Brand Voice: Optimistic, Exciting, Interesting



The goal of this project was to demonstrate daily crypto-related content using visual elements.

My general framework for tweeting is whether the audience is gaining a pay-off when they give attention(what they are paying with). That reward is information or positive emotion of a particular subject.

The first tweet with web1 -> web3 was an ux that went viral a few days ago. Content such as this traditionally does well on crypto twitter and aesthetically looks great.


In Bitski's case this framework can also be used to show how items can be traded and sold within the marketplace. I would have created another visual example of this but I couldn't due to time restraints and prioritization of showing a variety of content. 

The second tweet is time-sensitive (but can be re-packaged). Halfin trends every January in crypto twitter because of the historical significance

The third sports-culture tweet is one that brings another audience into the space, those who enjoy basketball understand that Klay Thompson(returning from injury after two years) is a trending tropic. Arguably on one of the most popular teams in the NBA, "klay thompson" keywords are trending alongside "bitcoin".

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