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Associate Product Manager

Product management is a field that I have indirectly been involved with since I was thirteen years old as a young entrepreneur. I have a strong desire to solve customer needs and create products while utilizing data to inform decisions.


I have a deep understanding of collaboration and working with managers across various industries. As a 2020 cs graduate, I also have experience from a technical background in data analytics and am comfortable navigating through programming languages and crm software. 



Language of Flowers® for Animatr. First collection with RGB color model



I created ANIMATR® a small business project in 2019, my sophomore year in college. I have worked with overseas manufacturers, designers and domestic screen-printers to create products.


I curated high-performing collections such as Language of Flowers®, which uses the Japanese methodology of Hanakotoba to create designs with genuine meaning and purpose.


This process was repeated into creating a meaningful design aesthetic for the brand, resulting in a high engaging audience.

The brand's purpose is to invoke change and awareness.  

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Pioneer Tournament

Pioneer Tournament was a worldwide startup competition where I first created ANIMATR from the entire life-cycle process of addressing a problem, creating an MVP and eventually launching this small business project.


I, fortunately, participated this at the very beginning of the competition from June 17th 2019 to Feb 24th 2020. Every week I submitted progress, received feedback and advice from venture capital entrepreneurs. My business project peaked at 10th place in the world before exiting the competition to prepare for college finals.




First place Zingale Competition via 2019.

ft. Lance Zingale former VP of Sykes


Allegheny College(ECON380) & Zingale Competition

At Allegheny College, my experience as a high school student allowed me to receive permission to take the highest entrepreneurship class(econ 380) as a freshman. In this class, we learned go-to marketing strategies and spent the semester creating mvps, business plans to ultimately product launch companies

I want to highlight this course not only because of the experience gained but because I took this class a few times due to my passion for this life-cycle process and knowledge taught by our entrepreneur-in-residence

A requirement of this class was to participate in the annual Zingale Competition where we present our products similar to Shark Tank in front of twelve senior executives/ entrepreneurs.


I won first place in this competition my junior year with ANIMATR.


I lost in the final-round my freshman year with an anti-virus product and in the preliminaries my sophomore year when I first conceptualized ANIMATR. After entering the Pioneer Tournament over the summer and truly understanding digital customer acquisition I was able to win a year later.